Jul 13

NewCo Announces Shift Dialogs, an Exclusive Video Series Profiling Leading Business Changemakers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JULY 13, 2016 – NewCo Shift, the business media property founded by Wired, Industry Standard, and Federated Media founder John Battelle, today launched NewCo Shift Dialogs, a new video series featuring in-depth conversations with Fortune 500 executives and leaders of innovative, mission-driven companies. The Shift Dialogs video series serves as a precursor […]

Jun 20

Transparent Talk About a Tough Layoff

Today’s Top Stories – Telling the Truth About a Layoff: Buffer’s CEO bites the bullet and shares the whole story. – Airbnb Needs a Policy Update to Fight Racism: The company’s class-action waiver may make it harder for customers to get justice. – New York Legislators 1. Airbnb 0: It’s what happens when your business […]

Jun 17

Mars Backs Away From Too Much Sugar

Today’s Top Stories – Is Mars Seeing the Light? A sugar giant rethinks what it puts in its customers. – There’s Not Just One Sharing Economy. All companies in it are different. Some of them aren’t even sharing. – Cincinnati’s Brandery Accelerates Startups By Supercharging Their Brands: See our latest video Spotlight. – What LinkedIn […]

Jun 16

Will Netflix Chill?

Today’s Top Stories – Netflix Adjusts To Its Own Success: The great television disruptor becomes an incumbent. – This Is How To Get Rupert Murdoch To Acknowledge Climate Change in His Flagship Newspaper: By spending money. A lot of it. – What Whaling Can Teach You About Online Advertising: Even the most cutting-edge industries have […]

Jun 15

A Victory for Net Neutrality

Today’s Top Stories – Net Neutrality Has Its Day: An Appeals Court ruling supports the FCC. – Apple’s Mid-Life Opportunity: Are we about to see a more open, less insular Apple? – Zenefits Wants You To Leave, One Way or Another: Layoffs are here, buyouts are coming. – A Universal Basic Income Primer: Knocked down in the polls, […]

Jun 14

More Sustainability, More Profitability

Today’s Top Stories – Want To Please Investors? Be More Sustainable: A new study connects sustainability and finances. – The Case for Universal Basic Income Continues, Despite Voter Rejection: A legendary labor leader takes up the cause. – Nike Turns Garbage Into Shoes: And it jumps on the “circular economy” bandwagon. – Why LinkedIn Sold to […]

Jun 13

The Problem Isn’t Big Enough

Today’s Top Stories – Silicon Valley’s Problem With Problems: Not every product or service changes the world. – Microsoft Buys LinkedIn to Solve a Problem – Could Facebook Swing the Election? Sure, but it has plenty of incentives not to. – Walgreen Has Had Enough With Theranos: The partnership is over. – Speak Up, Lose […]

Jun 10

General Electric: A BigCo Goes NewCo

Today’s Top Stories – General Electric: Ancient But Open to the New. The 124-year-old company is making profound changes in what it expects of its people. – Young People Are Frustrated and Angry. DoSomething Helps Them Make An Impact. Find out more in our latest video spotlight. – Diversity Helps Even in Places Where It’s […]

Jun 9

The Rise of the Startup Neighborhood

Today’s Top Stories – Venture Capital Investment Heads Downtown: Firms are investing more in cities, not suburbs. – The Human Company Design Manifesto: Sara Holoubek introduces a management approach that creates value by investing in people. – Not Enough People or Not Enough Skills? A new jobs report makes some wonder where the bottleneck to […]

Jun 8

What Kind of Company Is Uber, Really?

Today’s Top Stories – Uber Hits More Detours On Its Journey to Maturity: It can’t keep treating its drivers and customers this way. – The Digital Divide and the Diabetes Divide: What broadband really brings to underserved communities – This Company Might Make Apple and Google Irrelevant: Viv is way more than an supercharged Siri. […]