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Successful entrepreneurs require backers that understand their mission. Explore how this idea comes to life inside these unique Bay Area-based VCs and connectors at #NewCoSF and #NewCoOAK.

True Ventures invests in Founders of movements and products that capture the imagination.Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.00.41 PMThey’re mission-driven to “magnify the creative power of entrepreneurs through
relationships, education and resources essential to their success.”
They’re also investors in NewCo!. On October 6th, go behind the scenes of True Ventures.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.11.25 PMnpm, Inc. “is on a mission to take open source development to entirely new places, helping more than 2.6 million developers share and perfect JavaScript code.” They understand the value of the term “work/life balance.” On October 8th, join nmp Inc. and explore how, in startup culture, work/life balance is a necessity for start ups, not a luxury.

SoftTech VC invests at the the earliest stage of a company’s growth, because they areScreen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.01.59 PMpassionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. SoftTech VC knows that “raising venture capital can be scary but understanding the basics can make a daunting process seem a whole lot more manageable.” Join SoftTech VC on October 6th and learn about “how the best companies are raising capital.”

Founders Circle Capital & Shasta Ventures “provides liquidity to founders, employees and early investors so they can recharge their batteries and not have to cash out their teams and Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.03.20 PMgiving flexibility to remain private instead of going public before they’re ready.” On October 7th, learn how Founder’s Circle Capital & Shasta Ventures help NewCos find real growth: “NewCos tend to think about customer growth in terms of the simplistic tactical inputs—paid vs. organic—and the alphabet soup outputs—CAC, CCR, CRR, TUB, MAU, TSM, PBP, LTV. Relevant, for sure, but NewCos will often find this approach to be limiting with temporal spurts followed by fleeting retention and value capture. We aim to guide NewCos, particularly network/marketplace/platform businesses, towards more strategic thinking. Our goal is to help NewCos get real with real growth through a framing for architecting and mechanizing a truly sustainable model. Growth that is anchored in a startups’ purpose as an enterprise, it’s value proposition to its customers and it’s point of differentiation from its competitors. Real growth that drives a real valuation for the company.”

Bloomberg Beta “connects decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas.” According to NYT’s Dealbook, “Venture capital is looking for ways to outrun the herd, “With the cost of starting a company a fraction of what it used to be and capital widely available from various sources, venture capitalists are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Roy Bahat, the head of Bloomberg Beta, which is based in San Francisco, confirmed that thinking. “I would rather be speaking with someone before anyone else is speaking to them,” he said. “Once it’s obvious something is going to work, everybody wants to be your friend.” That sentiment is shared by many investors, particularly those managing smaller funds focused on early-stage investing. Bloomberg seeks to do just that by integrating technology in companies large and small. On October 6th, join Bloomberg and “gain insights on how companies, large and small, integrate technologies into their organizations from Zach Haehn, head of Bloomberg’s new San Francisco engineering office, and Roy Bahat, head of Bloomberg’s venture capital fund Bloomberg Beta.”

Originate “enables the most extraordinary people to solve the most ambitious problems Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.07.05 PMthrough technology.” They understand that “the SAAS model has produced a huge number of enormously successful companies in the past 15 years.  Most of these companies address the needs of millions and millions of customers but in a way that is not truly customized to their exact problem or their exact business workflow.” On October 7, join Originate CEO Rob Meadows and explore how the rise of specialized Product as a Service offerings will be a major disruptive force in the coming 5-10 years. Get to know the future of technology, one in which ‘software’ has already eaten the world, but ‘product’ is still hungry!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.07.57 PM
SV Angel, a San Francisco-based Angel Firm, “helps startups with business development, financing, M&A, and other strategic advice.” As reported by Techcrunch, SV Angel’s Ron and Topher Conway want VCs to shut up and get out of the way. On October 6th, get inside SV Angel for an interactive Q&A on how the company operates and what it means for your startup.

Aspect Ventures
“works with entrepreneurs to close the gap between seed and later stage Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.09.25 PMventure and turn great ideas into great companies.” They believe that, “with the number of mobile devices now outnumbering the number of users, it goes without saying that the future of technology is in the palm of your hands.On October 7th, get a first person perspective look at how Aspect Ventures supports of mobile technology and “works with entrepreneurs building companies that are on the forefront of technology.”

Get in these and 220+ other great organizations at #NewCoSF and #NewCoOAK. Hurry – Tickets are nearly gone. Get yours today!


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