An estimated 36% of US businesses are owned by women, up 8% since 2002. Why are we seeing more female-led businesses? For one, family roles are shifting as more dads opt to stay home with the kids. Add to that the potential that Hillary Clinton might be the next US President and the rise of women as CEOs, and it’s clear that female leadership is here to stay.

Considering women-led companies perform three-times better than male-run ones, that’s a good thing  (even if it’s taking far too long to happen).

This national trend might take hold more quickly in Los Angeles. The city tops the list of largest metropolitan areas home to women-run firms. Learn how women are driving business in Los Angeles at these women-led #NewCoLA sessions on November 9th and 10th.

One Roof Co – Why female entrepreneurs rock! Tour, interactive “fireside” chat and meditation
Pink 51 –  Building the Next Purpose-Driven E-Commerce Platform
Design, Bitches –  Cultural Collisions and Experimental Mashups
Impact Hub LA/ Hack for LA Building a Civic Tech Community
Isidore Electronics Recycling Putting people to work through responsible e-waste recycling.
Lumi Make Your Brand Real– Learn About Custom-Manufacturing and Tour Lumi HQ
Seedling Seedling— Inspiring The Next Generation of Change-Makers
Santa Monica College Center for Media & Design New Programs, New Models— Changing the Face of Education

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