• I was living in California when a friend told me about this awesome new “park” in NYC. My first experience of the Highline was shortly after he had raved about it, before it was expanded, and in the dead of winter. Dead is a good word here, for that was all I saw, stiff brown twigs protruding from small patches of dirt surrounded by cement. I thought it was a joke at first.
    Sine then I have returned again and again, in all four seasons, walking the entire length of the PARK along with thousands of others. I have grown to love this space and all that it offers. It may not be pastoral, but it is magical.

    1. Agreed! I spent some time up there in 2002, walking between dead and thriving weeds. What impressed me then was that it existed at all — something of the city but separate. After renovations, I’ll admit I missed what I’d seen the first time, but not nearly as much as I appreciated what it became. Lots of lunch time spent there.

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