I’m excited that the very first NewCo festival of 2016 kicks off in Mexico City, recently ranked the #1 destination in all the world by the New York Times. “A Metropolis that has it all,” the Times gushes, and of course that means scores of NewCos opening their doors just for you.

As with every NewCo, choosing just one company to visit each hour is tough. But choose we must, so here goes:

Weds. Feb 3rd – 7 pm: VIP Kickoff. This is where host company founders, civic leaders, and VIP ticket holders kickoff NewCo in style. And our partners in Mexico have secured the exclusive Estudio Millesime at the St. Regis Hotel, a private gastronomy club, as the venue for the event. The NYT noted that Mexico City is now a world destination for food, and I can’t wait to sample what our partners have in store for us!

Thursday, Feb. 4th

9.15 am Angel Ventures What better way to learn about Mexico’s burgeoning startup ecosystem than to hang out with one of the city’s premier angel investors? This is why I love NewCo – where else can you actually meet these folks in such an intimate and native setting?! Wish I Could Go: IAB Mexico,  Terra Networks

11.15 am Clip Often described as “Mexico’s Square,” Clip recently raised a healthy Series A and has garnered more than $17m in invested capital. Wish I Could Go: Google, Mercado Libre.

1 pm Startup Mexico Another great way to feel the energy of a growing market is to visit its local startup hubs and incubators. Startup Mexico is one of the largest co-working and entrepreneurial hubs in Mexico, with three campuses and growing. Wish I Could Go: Forbes, Enlight.

3.45 pm Seenapse Those who know me, know I have a soft spot for search engines of any kind. Seenapse lets you “think with other people’s heads” – a visual search engine to help spur creative thinking. Wish I Could Go: Smart City Link, Centro de Tecnología e Innovación LIMITADO.

5.45 pm  Media Marketing Knowledge Group  Run by Martha Debayle – “the Mexican Oprah Winfrey,” the Media Marketing Knoweldge Group is a rising star in Mexico’s media scene. Wish I Could Go:  The Hidden KitchenWishbird 

7 pm Meetup. After a full day of visiting companies, it’ll be time for drinks and networking at the NewCo Mexico City Meetup. I hope to see you there!

Register now for NewCo Mexico City – and experience one of the world’s most fascinating cities through the eyes of its leading entrepreneurs!

(Image Alejandro Linares Garcia – Own work. Licensed under CC)

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