NewCo is a proud supporter of education. We’ve recently joined the Academy of Art’s newly launched Social Media Center alongside other organizations like Weebly, Flipboard, Fyuse, and Tumblr. The Academy’s Social Media Center “offers a series of social media professional development courses, ranging from content development and strategies, to data analytics and management. It’s where social meets creative.”

In Fall of 2015, we had the pleasure of welcoming as NewCo Ambassadors students from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University studying social media with Prof. Stephan Rabimov. Through this educational effort, nearly 50 students volunteered with NewCo’s San Francisco and Oakland festivals. They attended sessions on a range of topics, welcomed NewCo attendees, networked with industry experts, and captured their personal experiences in both word and image for social media and through writing on their experiences as part of a class assignment. Now, we’re proud to highlight the crème de la crème compendium of these students’ efforts on our site. In no particular order, they are:

Author: Enriquetta Navarro
Website: Mo Cosas: A Blog Dedicated to Showcasing and Celebrating the Work of W.O.C. Artists and Creators
Featured NewCo: Betabrand

Author: Syahirah Khairuddin
Website: Endangered Culture: A Young Soul Trying to Save the Expiring Culture and Tradition in Fashion
Featured NewCo: Runway Incubator

Author: Evan Pleger
Website: Transmedia-Frontier: A Blog About Effective Cross-Platform and New Media Storytelling
Featured NewCo: WIRED Magazine

Author: James Breland
Featured NewCo: Fort Point Brewery

Author: Karina Munoz
Website: The World of Post Production: Tools, Techniques, Emerging Tech, and the Latest News for Video Editors
Featured NewCo: Off the Grid

Author: Chang “Kammy” Hwei Lee
Website: The One Magazine Blog: An Urban Magazine Stands the Crossroad of Street-Style, Styling, and Lifestyle
Featured NewCo: Le Tote

Author: Isabella Marengo
Website: The (In)Visible World of Fashion: Shining Light on Misconceptions of Fashion and Celebrating Craftsmanship Across the Industry
Featured NewCo: Westfield Labs, Cortexica, Fashion Incubator

Thank you Isabella, Kammy, Karina, James, Evan, Syahirah, and Enriquece! And thank you Prof. Rabimov for your efforts!

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