As we’ve expanded NewCo from its initial festival in San Francisco to more than 15 cities around the world, we’ve been struck by the consistent values binding the companies we choose to highlight. These new kinds of companies share a common culture that celebrates more than profit: They celebrate purpose, openness, and human potential.

NewCos are on a mission to create positive change – and we believe these companies deserve to be celebrated. To that end, we’re proud to announce our first annual NewCo Honors – a celebration of the very best companies from NewCo cities around the world.

NewCo Honors celebrates the distinguished businesses and organizations shifting their industry, making positive change in their city, and inspiring a global movement. 

These are the four Honors award categories for 2016:

NewCo Breakout

This Honor goes to a NewCo that has made an enormous impact over the past year – and done so under the radar, without top-flight venture or media support. Think of this as the “Most Unlikely To Succeed – But They Did Succeed” award. Our Breakout winner may not be the best-known NewCo, yet it’s making a big, tangible difference.

NewCo BigCo

Who says a BigCo can’t be a NewCo? This Honor goes to a company that, despite its size or age, has done the most to live up to NewCo ideal of creating positive change.

NewCo Fearless

This Honor goes to a NewCo with an extremely ambitious goal to make positive change – and that is making progress toward that big hairy audacious goal.

NewCo of the Year

This is the big one. This Honor goes to the NewCo that best exemplifies what NewCos do, both internally and externally. It’s on a mission, driven by an idea and a story, people-centered, information-first, trusts the open, is of the city, and gives to get.


How do the NewCo Honors work?

Each and every company that participates in a NewCo festival during the year is automatically eligible for the NewCo Honors program. Between three and five nominees from each NewCo city will be selected by the NewCo edit team (with important input from local NewCo advisory council members). These nominees will be announced after each city festival. 

The NewCo edit team considers many variables when making its determinations, among them:

  • Resonance with NewCo values
  • The company’s core mission and its progress over the past 12 months in furthering that mission
  • Feedback from local Festival attendees attending the company’s NewCo session
  • Positive impacts created by the company in its communities
  • Publicly available social, environmental, and employee data

Why do yet another awards program? There are plenty of award programs already, but none encourage the positive, mission-driven approach to business that is sweeping cities around the globe. With the NewCo Honors, we seek to identify and celebrate the kinds of companies which place purpose and people at the center of their enterprise.

What do the winners receive? All NewCo finalists are profiled on NewCo’s media properties and receive a unique award commemorating their achievement. They will also be featured at a major NewCo event in early 2017, about which we’ll have much more information soon. Watch this space!

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