SAN FRANCISCO, CA, APRIL 5, 2016 – NewCo, the company whose events and media focus on mission-driven businesses, announced today it will be among the first to join Medium’s just released platform for publishers. This statement comes the same week that the company plans to debut a new weekly column from Editor in Chief and CEO John Battelle. With these moves, NewCo becomes the latest business-focused media property from Battelle, the author and founder of WIRED, The Industry Standard, Federated Media, and many other media publications.

NewCo’s presence on Medium, which the company has named NewCo Shift, will feature content from notable writers and thinkers on a range of topics impacting global business as it undergoes the greatest transition since the industrial revolution, a move towards both profit and purpose-driven enterprise. NewCo has chosen to publish on Medium because it offers a new way to connect the journalistic narrative with audiences. NewCo’s media offerings will include longform features, smart aggregation, video, and media native to Medium’s social platform like responding, sharing and highlighting the most salient parts. Adobe has joined NewCo as launch sponsor for NewCo Shift, and NewCo was the only publication to launch on Medium with sponsorship.

“Work is changing,” said NewCo CEO and founder John Battelle. “Business is no longer simply about profit. Companies are looking to support more than the bottom line, electing to take a course which is at once thoughtful, sustainable, and profitable. New kinds of companies are leading the charge, and NewCo is there to tell the story. We’re excited to join Ev Williams and the team at Medium because it is a platform that allows the reader to engage with the story and their broader community in dynamic ways.”

NewCo’s General Manager of Media and Product, Hayley Nelson, formerly Director of Product at WIRED and Senior Product Manager at the New York Times, believes “It makes sense for us to choose Medium as the place for our publication because we are new and excited about the opportunities to leverage Medium’s highly engaged, networked audience. We find their tools to be the most elegant publishing solution in the market today. They take advantage of the best UX and design thinking around.”

Alongside the Medium announcement, NewCo has also said it will begin distributing a weekly newsletter sent every Wednesday to subscribers starting on April 6th. Each Weekly will feature a column by John Battelle, surfacing issues facing established companies and start-ups alike. In his first piece, Battelle declares that the tech story is over– and there is a much more interesting story about business at a crossroads taking its place.

The Medium publication, the Weekly, and the Daily, first published in October 2015, will continue the immersive narrative begun by NewCo’s business festivals, which invite attendees inside the offices of innovative companies to hear from their founders and senior leaders. “With our media property, it’s our goal to continue the conversation begun by NewCo events. Our mission is to identify and celebrate new kinds of companies – big and small – that create positive change in how they work, what they create in the world, and who they are as citizens of their community,” said NewCo founder John Battelle. “The Weekly, the Daily, and Shift, our new publication on Medium, are all opportunities to look at global business through the lens of the NewCo Narrative.”

NewCo connects its audience to the founders and executives running innovative, mission-driven organizations working across industries through business festivals and media products. Founded in 2012 by John Battelle, company leadership includes individuals who have led teams at The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and other respected business publications.

Since 2012, more than 1,000 businesses such as Google, Uber, Tesla Motors, and others have presented and over 22,000 attendees have participated in 25 global festivals in cities as diverse as Istanbul, London, New York City, Silicon Valley, and Mexico City. In late 2015, NewCo launched its first media product with the release of an editorial newsletter, the Daily NewCo.

About NewCo

NewCo identifies and connects the engines of positive change in our society, celebrating “business on a mission” through festivals and media.

Launched as a passion project in 2012 by John Battelle, NewCo Festivals create a rich opportunity for participants to engage leaders of mission-driven organizations through experiential sessions hosted inside company offices. There are currently 15 NewCo festivals in cities across North America, Latin America, and Europe, involving more than 1,000 companies and 22,000 participants. NewCo’s editorial arm profiles the companies, leaders, and issues driving the most significant economic transition since the rise of industrial capitalism – the shift to sustainable, positive-impact business practices — through written features, video, and more.

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