Nov 14

NewCo Los Angeles Highlight: FEM Inc.

When it comes to the industries and company types that host sessions at NewCo festivals around the world, there is a degree of variation from market to market. In LA we definitely see the highest number of NewCos from the entertainment industry, and specifically in the video space. That makes sense given the importance of the entertainment […]

Nov 7

NewCo Los Angeles Highlight: Homeboy Industries

The narrative is one that has made it on to the big screen, created musicals and many books: that of gangs, the dark side of urban and senseless violence and the difficulty of extracting oneself from the turmoil. Homeboy Industries is this real-life story and at this NewCo session you will get to see their programs […]

Oct 29

NewCo Los Angeles Highlight: General Assembly

General Assembly is an important NewCo (in all markets!) and a key part of the eco-system we look for in every market where we have a festival. Their accessible courses and workshops not only provide training and job skills but also play an important part of the community building aspects, which we believe are a […]

Oct 9

Los Angeles Gets the Attention It Deserves

When we set out to create our 2014 tour schedule more than a year ago, there was no doubt that Los Angeles had come into its own as a “NewCo city.”  When we look for new markets for NewCo festivals we seek a critical mass of mission-driven companies focused on positive and transformative change. We […]

Sep 3

NewCo San Francisco Spotlight: Watchwith

Watchwith session attendees will be treated to a demonstration of the Watchwith led by Geoff Katz, the VP of Business Development – powered Syfy Sync app with Philips Hue Personal Lighting System for Sharknado 2: The Second One! In addition to learning more about Multiscreen entertainment and the world of Social TV, the presentation will […]

Jun 20

NewCo Story: The Importance of Walkable Cities

One of the key NewCo themes is presenting forward looking and innovative companies that are “of the city”.  We closely monitor trends, like the one we see here in the Bay Area: many more companies are moving to San Francisco up from Silicon Valley because it is easier to hold on to key talent and […]

Jun 16

Announcing: NewCo Istanbul!

The NewCo movement is growing … and fast!  The first festival was held in October 2012 and since then we have produced a total of six festivals around the world.  This year we are set to produce a total of eight festivals, which includes Amsterdam, San Francisco’s 3rd annual festival, Detroit, New York, London, Boulder, […]

Jun 5

In Favor of the Sharing Economy

There is a growing and negative sentiment around ‘the sharing economy’.  Medium’s article  sums up:  we are seeing  (Uber, Sidecar, Airbnb) is not really sharing but a form of modern day extortion, that affects the lowest earning workers in our economy.  hmmm?  I’m not sure about that.  A smart and good friend of mine argued that […]

Jun 2

Changing the Gender Gap in Tech

We noticed that Google made an amazing announcement last week, by publishing employment data which shows the stark gender and race gap. Strikingly, only 30% of Google’s employees are women and there are actually fewer women entering into engineering/computer science majors than even ten years ago!  I was at an event last week and met […]

May 22

A View from NewCo Amsterdam

Last week I was fortunate enough to be the NewCo team representation in Amsterdam and attended the first of our eight festivals scheduled for this year.  Our 2014 Tour Schedule kicked off with great style in the City of Diamonds, featuring an outstanding roster of host companies that exemplify what it means to be a NewCo. As I […]