Mar 7

It’s Time For Tech Leaders To Lead Beyond Tech

If your business focus is in technology or the Internet, as mine has been for nearly three decades, it’s quite possible you’ve never heard of the GLOBE Series, a global conference dedicated to sustainability in business. Until I was invited to participate this year, due in large part to NewCo’s core mission, I certainly hadn’t. […]

Feb 29

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

The business story of the decade is one of insurgency: Every sector of our economy has spawned a cohort of software-driven companies “moving fast and breaking things,” “asking for forgiveness, not permission,” and “blitzscaling” their way to “eating the world.” For years we’ve collectively marveled as new kinds of companies have stormed traditional markets, garnering […]

Feb 8

NewCo Mexico City: Proof of a Movement

If you drive 15 or 20 minutes north of Mexico city’s richer, more well-tended district of Polanco, you’ll find yourself in the middle of Ampliación Torre Blanca, seemingly just one more crumbling set of traffic-choked blocks in this mega-city’s smoggy sprawl. But turn down the small street of Ignacio Allende and then again into a […]

Feb 5

The State of NewCo

To all members of the NewCo Community:  From time to time I’ll be writing to you, our NewCo community, with news about our little venture. This isn’t a marketing email with the goal of getting you to one of our 15+ festivals this year – it’s a heartfelt update on how the NewCo movement is […]

Feb 1

How Do We Pick NewCos?

Besides explaining our unique festival model, the most frequent question we get at NewCo is “What makes a NewCo? How do you choose the companies which open their doors each year?” We spend a lot of time thinking about that, so much, in fact, that we’ve published our evolving answer to the question three times […]

Jan 15

Climate Change As Humungous Business Opportunity

President Obama’s final State of the Union address is currently trending on Medium, which is pretty much what you might expect given Medium is where the White House decided to release it (take that, Facebook! — though a piece about building Instagram has about twice as many recommendations, but I digress…). I watched the speech last night […]

Jan 12

The Music Streaming Conundrum: Forgetting What I Heard

Once upon a time, I’d read the yearly lists of “best albums” from folks like Rick Webb or Marc Ruxin and immediately head over to the iTunes Store for a music-buying binge. Afterward, I’d listen happily to my new music for days on end, forging new connections between the bands my pals had suggested and my […]