Jun 6

Paris’s Bold Plan To Fight Air Pollution

Today’s Top Stories – Europe Takes the Lead on Clean Driving: Paris and Norway ready rules to lessen air pollution. – The Idea That’s Killing Mission-Driven Companies: What neoliberalism is doing to businesses that want to do more than make a profit. – Swiss Voters Reject Universal Basic Income: Pilot programs remain, but the first […]

Jun 3

City Patterns Endure – Even When They Shouldn’t

Today’s Top Stories – Our Cities Do What We Design Them To Do: Laws change, and that’s a good thing, but patterns last much longer. – This Nutritional Research Has Been Brought To You By Butterfingers: Guess who’s funding those candy studies? – Walmart Sends in the Drones: Yes, workers might be impacted. – Solar in Chile Is […]

Jun 2

Have We Hit Peak Facebook?

Today’s Top Stories – Peak Facebook? Internet growth is flattening. But it’s not all about growth. – Chasing the Grail: A bold attempt to do nothing less than cure cancer. – Saudi Arabia Fuels Uber’s Global Expansion: Drivers with bad credit fuel Uber’s expansion, too -Airbnb’s Three Billionaire Cofounders Give Most of It Away and […]

Jun 1

How Data Can Make Your City Smart

Today’s Top Stories – What Amsterdam Knows About Making a City Smart: Data data data. – Y Combinator Steps Toward Basic Income Study: It starts with a pilot in Oakland. – Social Media Leaders Reach Agreement With European Regulators: Facebook, Google, and others vow to combat hate speech. – An Open Office That Works for […]

May 31

Gawker’s Been Terrible. But What Peter Thiel’s Doing Is Worse

Today’s Top Stories – There’s No Side To Root for in the Gawker-Thiel Battle. But one side is definitely more dangerous. – The Volkswagen Scandal Recedes: The emissions scandal isn’t going away, but the company is profitable. – The Bitcoin Roller Coaster Continues: No one know why. – Hey, Uber, How’s That Pivot to Better Behavior […]

May 26

More Robots, Fewers Humans on the Factory Floor

Today’s Top Stories – A Shift to Robots in Manufacturing Accelerates: A Foxconn factory gives up more than half of its 110,000 workers. – Not Everywhere Yet, Though: AI is growing spectacularly, but it’s not ready to challenge humans. – Greentown Labs Incubates Next-Generation Clean Technologies: Watch the latest NewCo Spotlight. – Coke’s Sweet Future […]

May 25

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Run on Culture

Today’s Top Stories – The Best Companies Run on Culture: These tech giants are shaped by culture. And they can bend it from losing to winning again. – It’s Not Just Culture: A big pile of cash helps, too. – The World’s Biggest Industry Just Got Served: The FDA’s new food labels catch up to reality. […]

May 24

Shareholders Force Exxon’s Feet to Climate Fire

Today’s Top Stories – Climate Isn’t the Only Thing Changing for Exxon Mobil: Investors want to know more about the environmental risks ahead. – And Then There Were None: The S&P 500 loses its only black woman CEO. – Facebook Isn’t Biased, According to Facebook: Internal research exonerates the company from intentional messing with its Trending […]

May 23

Investors Take a Page Out of Thomas Piketty’s Big Book

Today’s Top News – Investors Take a Page Out of Thomas Piketty’s Big Book – Is Bitcoin the New Gold? – Google’s Musical AI – The FDA Gets Real With New Nutrition Labels – Electric Car Batteries Get Better – Swiss To Vote on Basic Income Investors Take a Page Out of Thomas Piketty’s Big Book […]

May 20

A Banker Bails on Bailouts

Today’s Top Stories – This Banker Changes His Tune – Social Entrepreneurs and Government Need Each Other – Atlassian Sold $320 Million of Software Last Year Without a Sales Staff – Climate Watch: A Town That Won’t Sell and A Country That Runs On Renewables – The Best of NewCo Shift on Medium This Banker Changes […]