Mar 23

Gimlet’s Radical Transparency

The best podcasts are based on personal, highly vulnerable stories, and Gimlet Media, a bellwether podcasting company, has taken that insight to an extreme. As its grown to 45 employees in less than two years, the company has been basically naked from the start. After all, the company’s first hit was the ongoing StartUp podcast, a self-referential show about […]

Mar 11

SXSW Sessions With a NewCo Vibe

Between the incredible music, a week-long indie film festival, and hundreds of forward-thinking companies and startups, the chill in Austin will be  high in the coming week. SXSW is not a NewCo festival, but it kind of feels like that cousin you get along with at family gatherings (and SXSW the organization is a NewCo!). […]

Mar 11

Dozens of NewCos Will Be at SXSW in Austin. Here Are 10 of Them

NewCo follows the story of and brings people inside new kinds of companies reshaping work, cities, and the world. At SXSW Interactive, you can see more than two dozen NewCos from Austin onstage. Here are 10 thoughtful sessions that feature NewCos. Internet of You: Wearables and Under-Skin Marketing UnderArmour Connected Fitness Douglas Ziewacz, Head of NA […]

Feb 24

Startup Accelerators Are Working For Cities

The Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings Institution has mapped the location and charted the continued growth of startup accelerators in metropolitan areas around the U.S. They’ve grown 50 percent a year, from 16 to 180, since  Y Combinator opened the first accelerator in 2005. Most accelerators have a set date range (typically a few months) and workspace, trade […]

Feb 22

Politicians Wearing Company Logos May Change the Politics-Business Relationship

There’s an amazing petition circulating in California. Created by John Cox, a businessman who’s run for Congress, the Name All Sponsors California Accountability Reform (that’s NASCAR!) would require politicians to wear the logos of their top 10 donor companies and organizations. There are also petitions floating around the Internet to do things like have the comic-book […]

Feb 18

Drones That Swim

This might be the first swimming UAV you’ve ever seen. The Loon Copter can fly, swim on the surface of the water, and propel itself under the waves. The Oakland University-developed device lets UAV companies make drones that do more than fly and dive. Industry and authorities have used drones for decades for things like pipe […]

Feb 17

Night Mayors and the Serious Business of Having Fun

A new job title has emerged in cities around the world to advocate for night owls and young creatives. Night mayors encourages drunk people to keep it down, nurture the arts, and instigate neighborhood revitalization. Some appointed, some elected, night mayors act as an intermediary between nightlife industries and government. In many cities, the solutions to noisy, […]