Nov 4

Sustainable LA? Yes, and in Just Ten Years

Los Angeles is growing. By 2035, it’s projected that the metropolis OF HOW MANY  will add another half-million residents. More people and more cars can mean more CO2 emissions. Thanks to the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, however, that’s not going to happen in the City of Angels. This past April, Garcetti set […]

Nov 3

Explore Modern Filmmaking At NewCoLA

While modern Los Angeles is most certainly a film industry town, the nature of the business is rapidly changing. Many of LA’s entertainment companies have gone digital, relying on high tech to make and distribute films worldwide. What does that move mean? Thanks to accessible production techniques and streamlined modes of distribution, the cost of […]

Oct 22

Walmart’s NewCo Transformation

How did Walmart build an internet startup inside the world’s largest retailer, undertaking one of the largest digital transformations in the history of business? It took talent, data and a huge commitment to Silicon Valley. Hosted at Walmart’s Global eCommerce office in Sunnyvale, California, this concise conversation between Walmart’s Brian Monahan and NewCo’s contributing editor […]

Oct 15

When Roads Fail, MatterNet Delivers

Silicon Valley-based Newco Matternet is rethinking how products get to market – literally. An innovator in a sector made famous by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Matternet has been working on drone-based delivery networks for more than five years. And unlike Amazon, which wants to drop consumer goods on the doorsteps of consumers everywhere, Matternet is focusing […]

Oct 5

Welcome The NewCo Daily

Today, NewCo launches its first media product, the NewCo Daily. Each business day, the NewCo Daily will feature companies, trends, and issues important to NewCos. We’ll also share one information-packed company profile each day, as well as the latest news of what’s happening with NewCos from around the world. “With the NewCo Daily, it’s our goal […]

Oct 4

Connectors & VCs Pushing the Boundaries at #NewCoSF and #NewCoOAK

Successful entrepreneurs require backers that understand their mission. Explore how this idea comes to life inside these unique Bay Area-based VCs and connectors at #NewCoSF and #NewCoOAK. True Ventures invests in Founders of movements and products that capture the imagination.They’re mission-driven to “magnify the creative power of entrepreneurs through relationships, education and resources essential to […]