Jun 1

How Data Can Make Your City Smart

Today’s Top Stories – What Amsterdam Knows About Making a City Smart: Data data data. – Y Combinator Steps Toward Basic Income Study: It starts with a pilot in Oakland. – Social Media Leaders Reach Agreement With European Regulators: Facebook, Google, and others vow to combat hate speech. – An Open Office That Works for […]

Feb 17

Night Mayors and the Serious Business of Having Fun

A new job title has emerged in cities around the world to advocate for night owls and young creatives. Night mayors encourages drunk people to keep it down, nurture the arts, and instigate neighborhood revitalization. Some appointed, some elected, night mayors act as an intermediary between nightlife industries and government. In many cities, the solutions to noisy, […]

Jan 28

The NewCo Honors Program: Celebrating a New Approach to Business

As we’ve expanded NewCo from its initial festival in San Francisco to more than 15 cities around the world, we’ve been struck by the consistent values binding the companies we choose to highlight. These new kinds of companies share a common culture that celebrates more than profit: They celebrate purpose, openness, and human potential. NewCos […]

May 22

A View from NewCo Amsterdam

Last week I was fortunate enough to be the NewCo team representation in Amsterdam and attended the first of our eight festivals scheduled for this year.  Our 2014 Tour Schedule kicked off with great style in the City of Diamonds, featuring an outstanding roster of host companies that exemplify what it means to be a NewCo. As I […]