Mar 23

New Uber Protests, Amazon Faces Competition, and Starbucks Gives It All Away

Uber’s Jakarta Woes Uber may continue to pivot toward better behavior, but its welcome in Indonesia reminds you what the company still has to live down. A protest against ride-sharing services in Jakarta yesterday ensnared the city and then turned violent (NYT). There was a Luddite tinge to the protest (demonstrators yelled “No more apps”), but it’s […]

Mar 23

SXSW and Civic Engagement

SXSW Interactive is about tech, of course, but President Obama’ was there to talk civic engagement. The President stated at one point during his interview with Texas Tribune Editor Evan Smith, “Remember, it wasn’t ‘Yes, I can.” It was ‘Yes, we can.’” Obama used the SXSW stage to encourage the world’s creative minds to help […]

Mar 21

An SXSW Surprise, What’s Wrong With Silicon Valley, and What’s Right With Uber

An Austin Surprise Marketing’s tightening grip on SXSW has been unpleasant to watch, but this year one unlikely company created an experience that delighted all comers. Find out which company NewCo founder John Battelle gives the award to for best – and most surprising – marketing execution at SXSW. Holding a Mirror to Silicon Valley There’s plenty […]

Mar 14

Bad Urban Planning, Less Risky Innovation, and SXSW Rocks On

Take Me to the River Urban planning can do bad things to communities. For example, some New York suburbs feature low bridges intended to keep out busses and the poor people who ride them. And, The Nation reports, the revitalization of Los Angeles’s neglected 51-mile riverfront “has gone from social-justice crusade to money-soaked land grab.” Will […]

Mar 11

SXSW Sessions With a NewCo Vibe

Between the incredible music, a week-long indie film festival, and hundreds of forward-thinking companies and startups, the chill in Austin will be  high in the coming week. SXSW is not a NewCo festival, but it kind of feels like that cousin you get along with at family gatherings (and SXSW the organization is a NewCo!). […]

Mar 11

Dozens of NewCos Will Be at SXSW in Austin. Here Are 10 of Them

NewCo follows the story of and brings people inside new kinds of companies reshaping work, cities, and the world. At SXSW Interactive, you can see more than two dozen NewCos from Austin onstage. Here are 10 thoughtful sessions that feature NewCos. Internet of You: Wearables and Under-Skin Marketing UnderArmour Connected Fitness Douglas Ziewacz, Head of NA […]

Jan 28

The NewCo Honors Program: Celebrating a New Approach to Business

As we’ve expanded NewCo from its initial festival in San Francisco to more than 15 cities around the world, we’ve been struck by the consistent values binding the companies we choose to highlight. These new kinds of companies share a common culture that celebrates more than profit: They celebrate purpose, openness, and human potential. NewCos […]