Apr 20

The Two Stories of NewCo Detroit

Detroit carries two conflicting stories: one of hopeful optimism, the other present-day realism. Both of them are true, but at NewCo Detroit last week we saw optimism win. During NewCo’s kickoff last week, Paul Riser, managing director of TechTown Detroit, highlighted his organization’s work supporting Detroit entrepreneurs with investment and advice. His dissection of the tension between what […]

Mar 25

Against the Sharing Economy, For Extreme Transparency, and Samsung Goes Startup

Against the Sharing Economy Takedowns of the sharing economy are moving from kneejerk Luddite outbursts to detailed, data-driven analyses. Tom Slee’s What’s Yours Is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy, an excerpt of which is running in The Jacobin, goes after the usual suspects (Airbnb, Uber) for the usual offense (helping themselves, not communities). Slee’s argument is […]

Mar 23

New Uber Protests, Amazon Faces Competition, and Starbucks Gives It All Away

Uber’s Jakarta Woes Uber may continue to pivot toward better behavior, but its welcome in Indonesia reminds you what the company still has to live down. A protest against ride-sharing services in Jakarta yesterday ensnared the city and then turned violent (NYT). There was a Luddite tinge to the protest (demonstrators yelled “No more apps”), but it’s […]

Mar 21

Shinola Builds Brand and Jobs in Detroit

Shinola isn’t just a startup. It’s a Detroit-based startup. Like the city, Shinola is a bit of an underdog. As disposable, mass-produced goods from China flood the market, Shinola is betting on high-quality products produced with American labor. But as it expands its manufacturing footprint in Detroit while opening retail stores across the country and […]

Mar 8

Welcome to the New NewCo Daily

Today in the NewCo Daily, we’re trying something different. We’re committed to publishing detailed stories of business and positive change at stories.newco.co, and we’ll let you know about them as we do. In the Daily, we’re aiming to do what many of our favorite newsletters do best: share a curated view of the last 24 hours with our own […]

Mar 7

Detroit Venture Partners Has Already Committed $30M to Entrepreneurs

The capital of the Am›erican car industry is now attracting investors, entrepreneurs, and young professionals with the promise of cheap real estate and the opportunity to (re)build something great. Forbes ranked Detroit the fourth fastest-growing city for tech jobs in 2015. Detroit Venture Partners is investing in the movement and creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship in […]

Mar 4

My Picks for NewCo Detroit in April

Last fall I had the great pleasure of moderating a conversation featuring four Detroit companies that showcased a community of businesses on a mission. I was impressed by the collective imagination and grit in the room. I am looking forward to returning next month when we hold the citywide NewCo Detroit festival on April 13. […]

Feb 29

Detroit Farm and Garden Helps Its City Grow

Urban farming has become a platform to promote education, sustainability, and community in Detroit. It’s also inspiring entrepreneurship and fostering a food scene. With more than 1,400 community gardens and the announcement of a $15 million urban-agriculture project, Detroit’s blighted neighborhoods are going green. Detroit Farm and Gardens, a garden supply store, is supplying seeds, […]