Feb 22

Detroit Bikes Redefines “Made in the Motor City”

Zak Pashak, a Canadian musician and venue owner, moved to Detroit in 2009 to start an “interesting business.” Three years later, he launched Detroit Bikes, offering simple, affordable bicycles designed for commuters. Getting more people on bikes on a more regular basis, not just as weekend warriors, became an essential part of the company’s mission, but […]

Jan 28

The NewCo Honors Program: Celebrating a New Approach to Business

As we’ve expanded NewCo from its initial festival in San Francisco to more than 15 cities around the world, we’ve been struck by the consistent values binding the companies we choose to highlight. These new kinds of companies share a common culture that celebrates more than profit: They celebrate purpose, openness, and human potential. NewCos […]

Jan 21

14 Great Ideas to Improve Communities

Every year the Knight Foundation issues an open call to civic technologists, agencies, and basically anyone who has big, hairy ideas to invent ourselves to better communities. This year, the Knight Cities Challenge received more than 4,500 answers to the question: “What’s your best idea to make cities more successful?” We read through the ideas for […]

Jan 13

What’s the Design Capital of the U.S.?

The story of our time is driven by four converging trends: Millennials are now the largest generation working. The majority want to work for a business on a mission. Global shifts like climate change require us all to work together. Tech and data are now horizontal influencers across all industries. Cities are responsible for the majority […]