Mar 14

Bad Urban Planning, Less Risky Innovation, and SXSW Rocks On

Take Me to the River Urban planning can do bad things to communities. For example, some New York suburbs feature low bridges intended to keep out busses and the poor people who ride them. And, The Nation reports, the revitalization of Los Angeles’s neglected 51-mile riverfront “has gone from social-justice crusade to money-soaked land grab.” Will […]

Feb 12

Hyperloop Technologies Approaches Its Kitty Hawk Moment

When Elon Musk dropped a 57-page proposal for Hyperloop, a new kind of transportation system, in 2013, some thought his concept was a great idea. They just didn’t think it would ever happen. Hyperloop utilizes pods to transport people or cargo in a low-pressure tube, which cuts down on friction, at nearly the speed of […]

Jan 28

The NewCo Honors Program: Celebrating a New Approach to Business

As we’ve expanded NewCo from its initial festival in San Francisco to more than 15 cities around the world, we’ve been struck by the consistent values binding the companies we choose to highlight. These new kinds of companies share a common culture that celebrates more than profit: They celebrate purpose, openness, and human potential. NewCos […]

Dec 16

Patagonia Wants You to Stop Buying Its Clothes

Patagonia wants you to stop buying its clothes. That’s the message it conveyed in a New York Times full-page ad in 2011, taking the opportunity to remind consumers of the environmental cost of “everything we make.” It’s not a typical advertisement, but Patagonia is not a typical company. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, got his start […]