Nov 30

NewCo Spotlight: Tesloop: Tesla As A Platform

This is the first in what I hope will become a regular series of posts on new kinds of companies the NewCo team has discovered in our travels to NewCo cities around the world. First up is Tesloop, which I noticed while perusing the schedule for NewCo LA last month. I was already planning on seeing Hyperloop […]

Nov 9

LA’s Top Class for Women-Run Orgs

An estimated 36% of US businesses are owned by women, up 8% since 2002. Why are we seeing more female-led businesses? For one, family roles are shifting as more dads opt to stay home with the kids. Add to that the potential that Hillary Clinton might be the next US President and the rise of […]

Nov 4

Sustainable LA? Yes, and in Just Ten Years

Los Angeles is growing. By 2035, it’s projected that the metropolis OF HOW MANY  will add another half-million residents. More people and more cars can mean more CO2 emissions. Thanks to the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, however, that’s not going to happen in the City of Angels. This past April, Garcetti set […]

Nov 3

Explore Modern Filmmaking At NewCoLA

While modern Los Angeles is most certainly a film industry town, the nature of the business is rapidly changing. Many of LA’s entertainment companies have gone digital, relying on high tech to make and distribute films worldwide. What does that move mean? Thanks to accessible production techniques and streamlined modes of distribution, the cost of […]

Dec 9

iMedia Coverage of NewCo LA

Wow! What an incredible year. We wanted to thank our partner iMedia who spotlighted some of the great stuff at our final NewCo of the year in LA last month.  Check it out! iMedia videos from NewCo LA:   iMedia articles from NewCo LA: Why is LA the new Silicon Valley Why did NewCo change […]