Feb 8

NewCo Mexico City: Proof of a Movement

If you drive 15 or 20 minutes north of Mexico city’s richer, more well-tended district of Polanco, you’ll find yourself in the middle of Ampliación Torre Blanca, seemingly just one more crumbling set of traffic-choked blocks in this mega-city’s smoggy sprawl. But turn down the small street of Ignacio Allende and then again into a […]

Feb 5

Carrot’s Cars Cut Down Mexico City Congestion

Carrot must have known it was doing something right when Mexico City’s Head of Government and Head of the Ministry of Environment helped it launch its carsharing service in 2012. The reason they were there? Nine million people live in Mexico City, with vehicle ownership growing  4.2 percent annually. Its heavily congested streets aren’t just […]

Feb 3

Startup Mexico Incubates Homegrown Innovation

Startup Mexico’s (SUM) 35,000-square-foot campus in Mexico City has a little bit of everything. Built for startups, it has classrooms, meeting rooms, an auditorium, rest and recreational areas, a cafeteria, a photography room, a 3D printing room, and a media library. It also has a cadre of mentors who provide expertise in finance, law, marketing, […]

Jan 29

Seenapse’s Big Idea? An Inspiration Engine for Creatives

A few years ago, Rafael Jimenez realized something was missing from the Internet. It wasn’t information. There’s plenty of that. It was missing a system to inspire creativity. “Out of frustration,” Jimenez created Seenapse, a search engine he hopes will help others, and himself, “spark ideas.” Seenapse lets people share and discover “mental associations.” For […]

Jan 28

The NewCo Honors Program: Celebrating a New Approach to Business

As we’ve expanded NewCo from its initial festival in San Francisco to more than 15 cities around the world, we’ve been struck by the consistent values binding the companies we choose to highlight. These new kinds of companies share a common culture that celebrates more than profit: They celebrate purpose, openness, and human potential. NewCos […]