Oct 21

HealthTap offers 1:1 medical advice any time via smartphone

HealthTap wants to provide an alternative for those seeking on-demand health advice. The five-year-old company’s concept is simple: make it possible for anyone, anytime to consult with a doctor via smartphone through its Virtual Consult and Concierge service. “Every doctor will have a virtual practice by 2020,” says HealthTap founder and CEO Ron Gutman. “That’s […]

Oct 15

When Roads Fail, MatterNet Delivers

Silicon Valley-based Newco Matternet is rethinking how products get to market – literally. An innovator in a sector made famous by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Matternet has been working on drone-based delivery networks for more than five years. And unlike Amazon, which wants to drop consumer goods on the doorsteps of consumers everywhere, Matternet is focusing […]

Sep 20

Matternet: Hopeless traffic? No roads? Deliver it by UAV (and don’t call it a drone).

Plenty still has to happen before the sky is filled with quadcopters bringing us stuff. Matternet, though, is beginning to show what that future might look like. Inspired by a course at Singularity University, Andreas Raptopolous and co-founder Paola Santana are setting out to create an Internet-style network for delivering things. In particular, they want […]

May 27

Two Weeks until NewCo Silicon Valley

NewCo Silicon Valley is almost here and we have some extraordinary experiences in store for you. While many companies are filling up, we still have dozens of intimate, founder-led sessions available. Don’t miss your chance to get inside the Valley’s most interesting new businesses! From behind-the-scene tours and demos of new technologies to happy hours, […]

Oct 17

NewCo Silicon Valley Company Spotlight: EAT Club

EAT Club Have you ever been in charge of ordering lunch at the office for everyone?  I have and it’s not an easy task trying to juggle everyone’s varied dietary choices and restrictions.  EAT club makes this SO easy!  They provide fresh, healthy menu options for everyone, from vegans to gluten intolerant to meat fanatics.  […]

Oct 9

John Battelle’s Picks for NewCo Silicon Valley

We’re more than halfway through the NewCo festival season, with Amsterdam, San Francisco, Detroit, New York, and London/UK behind us, and Silicon Valley, Boulder, and Los Angeles coming up. Next up is Silicon Valley, which goes off Oct. 21 – 23, centered on the axis of Palo Alto. This year’s Silicon Valley festival is a pilot – Silicon Valley […]