Jun 16

Will Netflix Chill?

Today’s Top Stories – Netflix Adjusts To Its Own Success: The great television disruptor becomes an incumbent. – This Is How To Get Rupert Murdoch To Acknowledge Climate Change in His Flagship Newspaper: By spending money. A lot of it. – What Whaling Can Teach You About Online Advertising: Even the most cutting-edge industries have […]

Apr 19

Brian Monahan’s Picks for NewCo Boston

Why did we wait so long to hold a NewCo Festival in Boston?  NewCo Boston seriously has one of the most exciting lineups I’ve seen in the four years we’ve been staging these events. With so much innovation happening in Boston we really should have spread this lineup over two days so we all would […]

Apr 5

NewCo Launches New Media Property, Joins Medium’s Just Launched Publishing Platform, Announces Weekly Column

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, APRIL 5, 2016 – NewCo, the company whose events and media focus on mission-driven businesses, announced today it will be among the first to join Medium’s just released platform for publishers. This statement comes the same week that the company plans to debut a new weekly column from Editor in Chief and […]

Mar 31

This Houzz is Built on Photos and Community

Everything from kitchen remodels to home office installations seem to take longer and cost more than initially planned. Houzz thinks that’s due to a breakdown in communication, which is why it built its business around photos – more than nine million of them. “Images are the common language that both homeowners and professionals can understand,” says […]

Feb 5

The State of NewCo

To all members of the NewCo Community:  From time to time I’ll be writing to you, our NewCo community, with news about our little venture. This isn’t a marketing email with the goal of getting you to one of our 15+ festivals this year – it’s a heartfelt update on how the NewCo movement is […]

Feb 1

How Do We Pick NewCos?

Besides explaining our unique festival model, the most frequent question we get at NewCo is “What makes a NewCo? How do you choose the companies which open their doors each year?” We spend a lot of time thinking about that, so much, in fact, that we’ve published our evolving answer to the question three times […]

Jan 15

Climate Change As Humungous Business Opportunity

President Obama’s final State of the Union address is currently trending on Medium, which is pretty much what you might expect given Medium is where the White House decided to release it (take that, Facebook! — though a piece about building Instagram has about twice as many recommendations, but I digress…). I watched the speech last night […]