Dec 9

Slack: Making work more productive and more fun

Stewart Butterfield did well on his first major entrepreneurial venture. His company’s initial product, a multiplayer game, never shipped, but Ludicorp, which he helped found in 2002, sold its next project, the pioneering photo-sharing service Flickr, to Yahoo in 2005. Butterfield stuck around Yahoo until 2008 and then returned to entrepreneurship as a founder of […]

Nov 24

Changing the Way We Work: John Battelle in Conversation with Slack’s Stewart Butterfield

This is an excerpt of a live conversation held on October 5th, 2015 between Stewart Butterfield, Slack Technologies co-founder and CEO, and John Battelle, NewCo co-founder and CEO. The conversation was part of festivities surrounded the fourth annual NewCo San Francisco event, NewCo’s longest running festival. John Battelle: Please welcome Stewart Butterfield. Thank you for […]

Nov 18

Blue Bottle Founder James Freeman Loves His Coffee More Than You Do

This is an edited transcript of a conversation between John Battelle, NewCo Co-founder and CEO, and James Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee Founder and CEO, at the inaugural NewCo Oakland in October, 2015. John Battelle: It’s my pleasure to speak with James Freeman, the founder and CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee. James’s company has redefined coffee, and it’s […]