Jan 6

Is Tech Getting Boring?

Finishing up my reading for the evening, I came across this serendipitous tweet.* Intrigued (well done, Mr. Rosoff), I clicked the link, noting it was to Business Insider, a publication for which I have decidedly complicated feelings**. In any case, the story was great, if single-sourced. A reporter wandering the halls at CES found a desultory Accenture booth, manned […]

Oct 21

HealthTap offers 1:1 medical advice any time via smartphone

HealthTap wants to provide an alternative for those seeking on-demand health advice. The five-year-old company’s concept is simple: make it possible for anyone, anytime to consult with a doctor via smartphone through its Virtual Consult and Concierge service. “Every doctor will have a virtual practice by 2020,” says HealthTap founder and CEO Ron Gutman. “That’s […]