May 20

A Banker Bails on Bailouts

Today’s Top Stories – This Banker Changes His Tune – Social Entrepreneurs and Government Need Each Other – Atlassian Sold $320 Million of Software Last Year Without a Sales Staff – Climate Watch: A Town That Won’t Sell and A Country That Runs On Renewables – The Best of NewCo Shift on Medium This Banker Changes […]

May 19

Theranos Tries To Take It All Back

Today’s Top Stories – Theranos Tries To Take It All Back – Douglas Rushkoff on How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity – Danny Hillis on How to Think Long Term (And Still Stay in Business) – Holacracy as a Service – The Do’s and Don’ts of M&As Theranos Tries To Take It All Back […]

May 17

Twitter Diversifies, Amazon Goes Private Label, and Transparency Works

Twitter Expands Limit, Diversifies Board Twitter is diversifying, in two different but important ways. For one, it will stop counting photos and links in its 140-character limit (Bloomberg), making it possible to stuff more text into a still-recognizably-tweet format. It’s a smart way to make the service a bit more useful without alienating existing enthusiasts. On another […]

May 13

Pivoting to Pot, Apple Drives Into China, and Facebook’s India Fail

Pivoting to Pot Has disruption come to the legal marijuana business already? Bloomberg reports how existing startups are pivoting to target inefficiencies in the legal pot industry (Bloomberg). It’s a time of dueling legalities, with more and more states marching toward legalization, while federal laws remain unchanged. Larger VC funds are joining in, and companies like […]

May 9

Austin Voters Demand More From Uber and Lyft

Austin Voters to Ride-Hailing Services: Hold Your Horses On Saturday, voters in Austin decided that ride-hailing services need to have the same fingerprint-based background-check services as taxis. As a result, Uber and Lyft are threatening to leave town. As of this morning, both services have suspended operations in the Texas state capital, with second-tier players […]